Green Electrical Tape

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Merco M809 General Purpose Electrical Tape - Green

3/4" x 60' x 7 mil

The tape is flame retardant, soft PVC film with very good stretch. UL listed, glossy finish. The tape insulates and protects, is weather resistant, and is suitable for use not more than 176F (80C). 


DESCRIPTION: M809 is a UL Approved electrical tape manufactured from a soft PVC copolymer film that is suitably plasticized and stabilized. The formulated pressure sensitive adhesive system is rubber based. M809 has excellent insulating performance and is suitable for use at temperatures to 80° centigrade making Merco M809 the best choice for the professional.

APPLICATIONS: Soft vinyl makes the M809 very conformable. It is recommended for joining and splicing wires and cables where good resistance to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalis and corrosive chemicals are needed.  M809 with its' memory (elasticity) and adhesion characteristics provide moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection.


Thickness:  7 mils/.18mm

Adhesion:   18-oz/inch width 

Tensile:   18-lbs. /inch width

Elongation:   200%

Temperature Range:  32°F to 220°F

Dielectric Strength: 7000 volts (1000 volts per mil of thickness)

Color:    Green

Widths:   3/4 inch

Length:   60 feet on 1 1/2-inch core

Misc: UL and CSA approved

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